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This edition of TLT is part of SyntaxFest. Please check the SyntaxFest website for details on the other events.

All talks and the poster session will take place on Gather. The link will be shared with registered participants shortly.

21 March 2022

Time (UTC)Session
11:40–12:00SyntaxFest welcome
12:00–13:00SyntaxFest/TLT invited talk: Treebanking and Parsing for Irish
Jennifer Foster, Teresa Lynn
Session chair: Kilian Evang
13:00–16:00Gather practice and social

22 March 2022

09:50–10:00TLT Opening
Session chair: Kilian Evang
10:00–11:40TLT talks
Talks are 15 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion.
Session chair: Daniel Dakota

The RigVeda goes “universal”: annotation and analysis of equative constructions in Vedic and beyond
Erica Biagetti

Annotation guidelines of UD and SUD treebanks for spoken corpora: A proposal
Sylvain Kahane, Bernard Caron, Kim Gerdes and Emmett Strickland

How Universal is Genre in Universal Dependencies?
Max Müller-Eberstein, Rob van der Goot and Barbara Plank

Discourse Tree Structure and Dependency Distance in EFL Writing
Jingting Yuan, Qiuhan Lin and John S. Y. Lee

Asia Minor Greek in Contact (AMGiC): Towards a dialectal Treebank comprising contact-induced grammatical changes
Konstantinos Sampanis and Prokopis Prokopidis
11:40–12:00Coffee break
12:00–13:00TLT invited talk: Widely Interpretable Semantic Representation: Frameless Meaning Representation for Broader Applicability
Jinho Choi
Session chair: Kilian Evang
13:00–15:00Joint SyntaxFest poster session
The following TLT papers will be presented as posters. All posters will be on display on both 22 and 23 March. We encourage authors to present them on both days.

A morph-based and a word-based treebank for Beja
Sylvain Kahane, Martine Vanhove, Rayan Ziane and Bruno Guillaume

Is Old French tougher to parse?
Loïc Grobol, Sophie Prévost and Benoit Crabbé

Typological Approach to Improve Dependency Parsing for Croatian Language
Diego Fernando Válio Antunes Alves, Božo Bekavac and Marko Tadic

Parsing with Pretrained Language Models, Multiple Datasets, and Dataset Embeddings
Rob van der Goot and Miryam de Lhoneux

Towards Building a Modern Written Tamil Treebank
Parameswari Krishnamurthy and Kengatharaiyer Sarveswaran
15:00–18:20Depling talks

23 March 2022

09:50–13:00Quasy talks
13:00–15:00Joint SyntaxFest poster session
All posters will be on display on both 22 and 23 March. We encourage authors to present them on both days. See above for TLT posters.
15:00–18:20UDW talks

24 March 2022

TBDDiscussions, closing, social